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Scarlet Together To Promote Women’s Health with LUÜNA Naturals… All Over The World.

By The Scarlet Company

Mon, 24th Aug, 2020

Every woman knows that there are those special moments in a month that require us to get the essentials ready. The painful cramps make it daunting, but it’s still a blessing worth counting in a woman’s lifetime.

When I experienced my first periods, I felt I was getting into a whole new stage in life, which meant a lot to me. It was going to change how I carry myself, and I had to learn the dos and dont's during those days of the month. Yes, it would be a whole new experience, and I was excited about it.

But as time went by, my periods became that menace I always dreaded months in months out. I used to experience terrible cramps, and in my earlier years, I went for anything that would kill the pain and allow me some normality. In my teens to being a young adult, I used to take some Chinese traditional herbs that my mom boiled for my sake. However, when I grew older, I tried out things like evening primrose, bak Fong Yuan, and sometimes took up to four tablets of panadol to stop the pain!

None of those worked, though taking many panadols gave a quick fix. My partner was getting worried about my bad PMS and advised it was time I looked for an effective solution. The reading and research began in a bid to find an ultimate fix. The findings were promising, but I couldn’t get a one-size-fits-all remedy, as different women dealt with the PMS pains differently. It hit me that what works for someone else may not for me.

Nevertheless, one thing stood out: most women who experienced a better menstrual cycle either used Chasteberry or wild yam. So that gave me a glimpse of what I needed. We started reaching out to herbalists and naturopaths to help us build on our research and create a specific formula for alleviating cramps – blending Chasteberry and Wildyam.

The Development: The Challenges We’ve Gone Through To Create Our Brand

So we were here with one aim: to blend these two popular herbs to develop the best formula to reduce cramps, PMS and improve women’s overall menstrual health. And to make the formula more effective, we complemented the blend with Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin B complex.

With the idea still at its raw stages, we had to work closely with herbalists and naturopaths in Singapore to help us come up with solid research and test it out before launching it. It was challenging to get hold of those experts owing to their busy schedules.  Luckily, we found a licensed professional who finally agreed help with this good purpose.

The research and development, including consumer trials, took four years, and we did succeed.

The Launch: Putting Women’s Health As Our Priority

The manufacturing was based outside of Singapore, but when we wanted to official launch, we brought all our manufacturing home, from the manufacturing of Scarlet to the packaging. Being a choosy consumer myself, quality became our benchmark, and we wanted to build trust in our consumers. Therefore, even though Scarlet ingredients are already known worldwide, having a blend made here in Singapore with our regulations and standards was essential.

Singapore is known to advocate for women equality and diversity, and, therefore, promoting menstrual health is an essential part of the move!

The journey wasn’t smooth, and like every other entrepreneur, I encountered a million challenges. But driven by the passion for bringing a difference in women’s menstrual experience, I kept it going. That’s why we ultimately have a solution for painful cramps, and women can now afford a smile during their periods.

SCARLET is the way to go!

Natural Solutions For A Wellness Boost: Scarlet and LUÜNA Naturals Joining Forces

With new lifestyle diseases emerging every other day, everyone strives to live healthily by going for natural products. In a bid to promote menstrual health, women are encouraged to use natural menstrual essentials, from organic tampons to cramps relieving or improving overall menstrual health remedies like Scarlet.

While companies will give you every reason to use their products, they’re only after increasing their profits. If you didn’t know, those quick fixes like pain-relieving drugs for cramps do you more harm than good. Most of the pads and tampons tagged “safe” actually contain toxic chemicals that can bring long-term effects on your reproductive health.

Not many are willing to openly discuss the negative impacts of medically enhanced products on women’s health. That’s why we at Scarlet Company and LUÜNA Naturals are stepping forward to bring natural solutions to women. We are mindful of women and would like them to use safe and natural products.

LUÜNA promotes chemical-free menstrual hygiene by manufacturing organic tampons and pads., while Scarlet is here to provide a 100% natural health tonic that relieves cramps and improve your overall menstrual health.

Our Quest To Promote Non-Toxic Products That Foster Health And Wellness

Most people are still using toxic menstrual products simply because they’re not aware of the danger. Personally, I didn’t know or bother to find out the negative impacts the products I used had on my health until four years ago. All that while, I was looking for a long-term solution and trying anything that came my way to end my menstrual struggles. When nothing seemed to work, I had to dig deep into the books to discover more about the painkillers most women rely on. That’s when I realized the pros and cons of toxic products.

By bringing Scarlet and Luuna together, we are here to encourage women to go the natural way for improved menstrual health. It’s quite clear that only a small percentage of women are aware of this, and by joining hands, we’ll be able to build more awareness for those who don’t have an idea. We would like women to know the importance and benefits of chemical-free menstrual hygiene and sticking to natural cramps-relievers like Scarlet to improve women’s physical and mental wellbeing and their quality of life.

Stunning Benefits of Non-Toxic Products Every Woman Should Try

Not until all your quick fixes backfire, you may not realize the benefit of going for non-toxic products. That was me four years ago. A panadol overdose was always a quick fix to my painful periods, and life moved on. So long as I had a luxury brand lipstick on and a $$$ worth pair of shoes, I was good to go.

But when I realized none of those DIY solutions worked, it hit me that I needed to do something. I started minding what I use and eventually turned to non-toxic and natural products. And it was the game-changer for me. I forgot about painful periods and stopped dreading my periods.

The beautiful thing about non-toxic products is that they’re harmless to the body. You don’t have to worry about some long-term health impacts. They’re always safe to use!

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