Week 4 - Toxin-Free Periods

24th Aug, 2020

Scarlet Together To Promote Women’s Health with LUÜNA Naturals… All Over The World.

The Scarlet Company

Laurel Lua, founder of The Scarlet Company shares why she started the company, why we should use LUÜNA and products from the brand for a non-toxic approach to periods, along with her take on holistic wellness in women’s health.

24th Aug, 2020

Caring for our bodies: What should I do and eat to prevent gynaecological problems?By: Laura Williamson, LUÜNA Leader


‘Should I do Kegel exercises? What should I eat?’ Read this blog post and you will find that it is not as difficult as you thought to prevent gynaecological problems. From habits to diets, I provided you with simple tips that are easy to adopt!

24th August, 2020




24th August, 2020

Why You Should Ditch Your Toxic Period Products


LUÜNA leader Glyniss shares why you should make the swap over to non-toxic products and how it can be better for your body and the planet.

24th August, 2020

Empowering You to Choose Safe – What “Non Toxic” Means to Akar Skin

Akar Skin

Kate, founder of Akar Skin, shares what the week’s theme of #NoMoreToxins means to her and Akar in this personal blog

24th August, 2020

Breaking free: From Shame
to Self-empowerment


The school girl clutches her stomach and groans, trying to ignore the sharp and incessant jolts of pain coursing through her body. Standing up with a grunt, she internally curses when she feels a gush of liquid between her thighs. Urgh. It’s THAT time of the month...

24th August, 2020

Period Skin Guide: Top Tips to Tackle Hormonal Breakouts

Yours - Personalized Skincare

Personalized skincare brand Yours shares insights on your skin throughout your period along along with some tips on caring for your skin throughout the menstrual cycle.

24th August, 2020

Do you know what's in your sanitary pads?

The Period Co

Ann Gee, Co-Founder of The Period Co. shares the commonly used ingredients found in conventional period care products and why making the switch to healthy period care is the first step to being more sustainable and having a better period.

25th August, 2020

Toxin-Free, PMS-Free Periods


FemCy shares tips and tricks on handling PMS along with the benefits of using their app to track your symptoms and flow.

25th August, 2020

The importance of living a toxic-free life

The Cakery

Shirley, founder of The Cakery and KIRR, talks about the challenges of running a healthy cake shop, and why it is important for us to try to live a toxic free life.