Week 3 - Gynaecological Health

17th Aug, 2020

What does your period say about your body type?

Master Ruth

During the initial consultation, I often ask my female patients a number of questions about their menstrual cycle. How long is the cycle? Is it regular? How heavy is the flow? What color is the blood? Any blood clots? As a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, these seemingly ordinary questions can be very helpful for me to understand a woman’s health...

17th August, 2020

Women Cannot Afford to Suffer in Silence Anymore

Riva Hiranand

Even before I got my period, I knew the drill. I knew there would be cramps, how to dispose of a pad, which pills to take. Getting your period was private, something that signalled becoming a woman, and it wasn’t entirely appropriate to discuss in my culture...

17th August, 2020