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ZaZaZu's Top Six Sex Toy Picks for the Blossoming Ladies 

By CEO & Co-Founder of ZaZaZu, Jingjin Liu

Mon, 10th Aug, 2020

Despite the many joys in life, I don’t think many people can argue against the fact that sex is one of the greatest. It is an amazing feeling, that never gets old, and always leaves you wanting more. Remember how Carrie in “Sex and the City” described it as “Zsa Zsa Zsu” feeling? Exactly! This is why Cass and I call our brand "ZaZaZu" - the Safe Space to elevate the intimacy journey for women.

So, having said that, you may be wondering why sex toys are even necessary when sex is assumed to be the gold standard. Did you know that over 75% of women could not reach orgasm through natural intercourse, especially the blossoming ladies (ageing 20 to 35)? The right sex toys provide multiple new wrinkles that are lacking with regular sexual intercourse.

Orgasms release oxytocin, the anti-stress hormone that gets you warm and fuzzy when cuddling, while dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, also makes an appearance. It stands to reason, then, that "I need to get laid" is a thing that actually makes sense to say when you're having a rough week.

Sex toys allow you to give yourself that needed boost whenever you damn well please, and it's empowering to not have to rely on someone else (though toys are great for spicing things up with a partner, too). Getting to know your body is also key in developing a positive relationship with yourself — the most important relationship you'll ever have.

Alongside the reams of health benefits of getting intimate with a sex toy, it can also have a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing. Reports show that using a vibrator can help promote confidence, happiness, and relaxation. The dream deal!

Our Sex Toy Recommendations

Now that you’re all psyched up and ready to start shopping, you may be wondering, “What are other women getting off on?” Great question. Now, every woman is as unique as a fingerprint. What makes one clutch the sheets and scream in ecstasy may simply bore another. Still, we’ve thoroughly tested a wide range of items and picked the top 6 pieces of what we believe are the most useful ones for our blossoming ladies: 

1. Tracey's Dog - Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

ZaZaZu rating: 4.5 out of 5

Why we love it:  As advertised, it’s truly a “revolutionary” suction technology that provides multiple vibration patterns to please your most sensitive nerve endings.
Action:  One side sucks and pulses against the clitoris, while the other slips into the vagina and nestles alongside the G-spot and surrounding sensitive tissue. Settings range from soft and gentle to fast and hard.

What our customers say - Lindsay (29): “The only toy I have ever liked that actually led me to orgasm instead of vibrating me numb.”

2. B Swish Bcute Classic Limited Edition Vibrator

ZaZaZu rating: 4.2 out of 5

Why we love it:  While there are a wide array of vibrators out there with fancy functions and designs, this classic favorite has a special appeal for us blossoming gals.
Action:  It features a classic shape and five speeds to help you have fun alone or with your partner.

What our customers say - Xiao Yue (25): “Wowsa!!!! Talk about a do-it-all vibrator and more!!!! I cannot believe this awesome vibrator. If you want one that does it all, this is it. The noise level is so low that it is quieter than a whisper”

3. VIVE Enoki USB Rechargeable Vibrator

ZaZaZu rating: 4.3 out of 5

Why we love it:  The Vive Enoki Clitoral Vibrator has a unique design and generates sensations that will shoot you over the moon. Special innovative technology makes it unbelievably strong. Made of waterproof, high-grade, anti-dust silicone.
Action:  Brace yourselves for this one, ladies, because the clitoral vibrations will drive you wild. Its beautiful shape offers a flexible neck, allowing the toy’s head to bend and roam all over your nether regions. Specially designed to naturally seek out and nestle against your outer hot spots.

What our customers say - Vivian (31): "Strong and discreet! This is my go-to vibe for when I need to have a little me time! I love how powerful, quiet, and discreet it is! Very easy to change up the speed and pulses to fit your mood and body vibe.”

4. Tenga Iroha Temari Clit Massager

ZaZaZu rating: 4.1 out of 5

Why we love it:  Temari is a cute and highly effective clitoral stimulator. It contains powerful motors, yet generates quiet vibrations. Its special ball design means you can use it for a long time without having your hands go numb from the vibrations, while the curves allow you to reach sensitive areas easily and without abrupt shifts in sensation. Its design is inspired by Temari embroidery craft balls.
Action:  Similar to that of a wand massager, but with greater control of the movements as you work it with your hand. You can set it against your clitoris, move it from side to side, swirl it, or mix it up on your way to Wonderland.

What our customers say - Sharon (27): “really high ORGASM-O-BILITY! Even after the first orgasm, I had with this toy, I knew that it was one for my ‘repeat’ drawer. Thanks to its shape and powerful vibrations, it couldn’t go wrong.”

5. Zalo Lolita Ichigo 18K Gold Vibrator

ZaZaZu rating: 4.5 out of 5

Why we love it:  Double your passion with the rabbit, complete with inbuilt dual motors for internal and external pleasure that sweeps you toward a deliciously orgasmic peak. The ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet motors deliver dreamlike sensations to your clitoris and G-spot, while its smooth, slender shaft gently fills you up.
Action:  With Bluetooth connectivity, the Ichigo links to your smartphone, enabling remote access as you move through each of the eight fully-adjustable vibration modes. Replete with a delicate jewellery-grade 18-karat gold chain, ornate gold-plated tip, and silky smooth Softek coating, it offers the ultimate in luxury, sensation, and comfort. All in all, the Ichigo is a feast for every one of your senses. Get ready to start making plenty of O-Faces with this one.

What our customers say -  Ivana (32): “I love this rabbit; the vibe modes feel amazing. Stunning packaging... every detail of this vibrator is out of this world...”

6. Rianne S Essentials Fembot Body Wand

ZaZaZu rating: 4.6 out of 5

Why we love it:  Rianne S Essentials Fembot Body Wand is an external full-body massager (retro style) with high-tech flourishes.
Action:  Like sliding a small volcano into your girly bits. So strong that you can just slip it under your panties, leave it there, and let the heat build toward eruption. All in all, a power tool designed for pleasure-seeking C-Suite women. The vintage style combines with modern technologies such as touch buttons and an LCD screen.

What our customers say - Becca (33): “Perfect for me and my husband to spice things up! This toy is a beautiful shade of pink and is absolutely stellar. It feels VERY high quality, not like a cheap piece of junk. It has a light-up LCD Screen AND touch buttons. It's rechargeable AND waterproof. Those are all things the Hitachi can't do yet. Moreover, it has 9 different speeds. It was a little confusing at first but totally worth every penny I spent on it!!!”

Gear Up for Fun

Particularly for the shy or those from traditional backgrounds, trying sex toys may require a bit of courage. However, taking that step will bring you through a golden gate to a place you’ve never imagined. Sex toys are a gateway to mental, physical, sexual, and spiritual self-discovery. They are also teaching instruments, helping you learn about what really arouses and pleases you. They can boost your relationship or marriage, your career, and your physical and mental health. For these and so many other reasons, make today the day that you take the leap off the waterfall of curiosity and plunge into the deep lakes of passion and pleasure below.


Still have questions or concerns before you open that door or walk through that looking glass? Then share those questions with the women-only ZaZaZu team, a comfortable and confidential safe space to elevate your intimacy journey. Contact us at ask@zazazu.vip. We will guide you in, bringing your sexual discovery journey to a whole new level. 

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