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Denise, founder of Heavens Please, opinion on CBD and Sexual Wellness

By Denise Tam, Heavens Please

Wed, 12th Aug, 2020

I am Denise Tam, owner and founder of Heavens Please - a CBD and cannabinoids wellness select store based in Hong Kong. We have a focus on holistic wellness through the usage of plants and natural healing to promote balance of our Endocannabinoid System to form a healthier lifestyle, to elevate our spirit, mental and physical wellness with a sustainable world in mind. We also aim to lift the long held stigma on cannabis and hemp through education and culture.

Sexual wellness is an important aspect that we would like to bring more awareness to when creating Heavens Please a year ago, it is a main reason why I choose to introduce the brand Foria to Hong Kong - It is a cannabis brand that centers on the female and LGBTQ community’s general and sexual wellness, they have both CBD based and THC based version of intimacy products to promote relief and enhance pleasure. 

As an advocate of holistic wellness, I see health as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Wellness in all aspects are equally important, it is a way of exploring ourselves and an act of self care by observing what we actually need. It is not only about connecting with our partner, but also connecting with our inner self, our inner feminine, and empowering oneself through different tools and methods. 

Other than spiritual and mental health, sexual wellness as a part of our physical wellness nowadays do not seem to receive enough attention. However, as the world gradually shifts from male dominated to opening up to female empowerment, and minorities, we hear more voices on these used to be less discussed topics. Just like hemp and cannabis, talking about sexual wellness in public in Asia is generally seen as a taboo because of the conservative teachings of Eastern culture. Schools do not talk about it, teachers and parents do not talk about it, and even education for the general public is lacking. Other than understanding the body’s anatomy and biology, mental preparations are as important when it comes to this topic. Accepting what is naturally born within us and not fearing or demonizing our needs and desires, we should be more openly discussing it to create awareness around us and our loved ones. It should be taken more seriously than just hope for the best.

To encourage more conversations around this topic, we are working with different parties to create content for educational purposes, promote from the cultural perspective to create discussions and use products to bring awareness to the public. More importantly, we would like to bring experience sessions and interactions with individuals to help them understand the sex positivity and inclusivity through mindfulness. Cannabis and plants are interlinked with our overall wellness including the sexual aspect, as plant compounds are known to be well absorbed into our bodily systems to create certain healing or stimulating effects. Incorporating plants into our wellness routine will sure benefit us no matter mentally or physically, CBD and other beneficial plants can create a powerful synergy to help us regulate and adapt to stress. In tantric yoga, sex is an important part in kundalini practices, it is about channeling our life force, which is the primal, sexual energy to balance our hormones, metabolism and nervous system to be more in tune and align with the consciousness. By examining and learning old teachings and merging with current science backup and technology advancements, we can create a better and safer environment for such topics and explore further.

Undeniably, sex occupies a big part in our lives, wellness and satisfaction goes hand in hand, and these affects our mood and body health as well as our relationships. Being in tune with ourselves is the ultimate self care which will improve our mental and physical health, understanding our body will gain access to a clearer mind to what we truly need and a more balanced body to elevate from stress.

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