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How To Keep Your Vulva Happy


Mon, 3rd Aug, 2020

The first step to keeping her happy is to not blue tick her. 

Here’s the thing: your vulva may be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind. Like other parts of the skin, your vulva goes through itchiness, dryness, flushed skin, bumps and rashes. Keep your vulva happy and check up on her every now and then, she might be trying to tell you how she feels.

Here’s how you can tell your vulva’s feelings and make her happy:


It’s true, your vulva can get a little itchy and scratchy sometimes. These feelings are commonly experienced by many but often not the easiest to bring up in conversation. First thing’s first, check your panty situation! Synthetic fibres and uncomfortable fits can cause your vulva to freak out. Stick to breathable materials like cotton or go bare during bedtime!


You are not the only one that can lose your temper - your skin gets angry too. When treated well, happy skin is bright and radiant, while skin that is angry becomes red, irritated and uncomfortable. A myriad of issues can cause your skin to be agitated anywhere including your vulva. Common triggers include overexposure to sun, frequent shaving, flare ups and other forms of physical or environmental stressors, so it's important to not ignore the distress signs your vulva is telling you. 

If you're undergoing these symptoms, bring sweet relief to angry, irritated skin with ICE!  A lightweight rescue cream, ICE not only calms irritated skin quickly, it replenishes parched skin with long-lasting moisture while protecting skin’s elastin levels. All thanks to key ingredients that are armed with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, like sea algae, menthol, and liquorice root extract. 


Like a dehydrated strawberry, dryness can happen down below too! Whether you have to handle WFH or your favourite Netflix series has been cancelled, stress can wreck your mental state and body. Don’t forget to wind down – have a drink, relax on your favourite couch, …, and just take it easy! Your vulva will feel thank you for it.

Keep hydrated with Pout – our supersized hydrating serum is potent yet gentle. Packed with 95% pure Hyaluronic Acid in a low molecular weight for maximum absorption, this moisture magnet is key for maintaining hydration and plumping up the skin from inside out. 


We advocate body and vulva confidence, so whether you practice frequent hair removal, or love your bush, it's entirely up to you!  If you belong to the hairless camp, we know the road to staying hairless can irritate the skin and cause it to break out! Keep calm and curb your enthusiasm to squeeze, touch or even pinch it. Hang up those skinny jeans and pause your HIIT sessions for up to 48 hours post-hair removal. 

Or simply take better aftercare with TWO L(I)PS products like Bumpps. This lightweight serum treats inflamed skin and post-hair removal folliculitis that occurs on the surface of the skin. Formulated with a proprietary triple botanical blend of Arrowroot Extract, Chamomile and Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Bumpps contains antibacterial and calming properties to fight inflammation of skin and also promote skin healing. It can also double up on your face as a sebum-control serum which works to control oily T-zones and blackheads.

Love your vulva more

Who knew your vulva could have feelings too! So when was the last time you checked in with her? Looking after her is just like checking up on a friend. When she’s healthy and well-taken care of, it definitely shows.

Every vulva is as unique as your personality. No matter what shape or size, no two vulvas are the same (and we mean that literally!). You’re absolutely one of a kind, and that’s what makes you, yo(u)nique. The way you display self-love is entirely up to you, and we want to celebrate each and every way it’s expressed. 

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